Disney Dream Day 3- Castaway Cay

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Our Castaway Cay day was by far my favorite part of our whole cruise. I knew from pictures and videos beforehand that I would love Disney’s private island. But, I was blown away by just how beautiful it is.

Our view from our balcony as we pulled into the port was just breath-taking.

57198752_10161801860950078_4029208553813180416_n  57119667_10161801861595078_5534512269423017984_n

Look how blue and gorgeous that water is!

56927229_10161801861785078_5244155527977500672_n  56927229_10161801861785078_5244155527977500672_n

After a quick breakfast on the ship, we headed down to Deck 1 to disembark. It was so cool to get these new views of the beautiful ship.

57181891_10161801862235078_6859718570268426240_n  57393020_10161801862680078_6387052261087903744_n

The welcome area of Castaway Cay was super cute with its tropical holiday decorations.

56997462_10161801862480078_3213156976502505472_n  57216763_10161801862770078_4631049418919903232_n  57216763_10161801862770078_4631049418919903232_n

56935287_10161801863450078_1582907461046632448_n  57333524_10161801863740078_8857864470219718656_n

I love how everything in Disney is intentional and comes full circle. I thought that it was such a fun little nod to the parks that they have the same trams escorting you to the different areas of the island… and the views are just spectacular.

57333524_10161801863740078_8857864470219718656_n  57077620_10161801863775078_6060175709077241856_n  57284591_10161801863840078_9020782737354653696_n  57154150_10161801863920078_5050048651448025088_n

57098913_10161801864025078_5616124095520309248_n    56971043_10161801864230078_6239971647202263040_n  57187581_10161801864330078_1810435024294510592_n

Once on the island, we hopped on one of those trams past the family beach over to the lagoon where we would have our Sting Ray excursion.

56980712_10161801864440078_2513782527999606784_n  56962039_10161801864580078_1360360878746107904_n

The Sting Ray excursion was so much fun and absolutely worth the price. For $56 per each person 10 years old and up or $45 for children ages 5 to 9, you are able to spend 1 hour in the lagoon with the stingrays as a private excursion.

At the beginning of the hour, they give each person a life vest and snorkel gear and do a brief instructional on how to use the equipment.

Everyone then heads into the water to two feeding stations where a cast member hands out food for you to feed the stingrays. This lasts about 15 minutes and then the “free swim” begins.

During this time you are free to explore the lagoon on your own and there are 40+ stingrays in the water with you at this time.

The lagoon is gorgeous, the water is crystal clear and you get beautiful views of the ship from this location.

57072615_10161802103050078_1635262631348535296_n  56940423_10161802103685078_3190752597430501376_n


The black spots that you see in the water are all of the stingrays.


After our excursion, we took some time exploring the shops around the island before taking the tram to Serenity Bay which is the adults only side of the island.

57183791_10161802102650078_1654644641934344192_n  57021369_10161802102750078_7163732526031175680_n  57178317_10161802102935078_2145390431263784960_n  57222729_10161802103560078_7512600191065653248_n

When arriving at Serenity Bay the tram drops you off at Cookies Too which is the bbq area. In this area, lunch is served from 11:30am to 2pm and includes a variety of delicious foods.

Castaway Cay was by far our favorite part of the island!

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